Dental fillings are used to repair damage caused by dental decay or factures in a tooth. Decay is removed and then filled with a dental filling to restore the function and health of your mouth.

The most popular type of dental restoration is made of a composite material. Composite fillings are tooth colored and can be matched to your natural tooth color. The ability to provide a natural shade match makes it an excellent material for the front teeth, and its strength also gives durability to the back teeth.


Composite Fillings Are Good For:

  • Repairing decayed teeth
  • Restoring cracked or broken teeth
  • Fixing gaps or chips
  • Smoothing worn tooth surfaces


How Composite Fillings Work:

A composite filling can be completed in one appointment. After numbing the area, our dentist will remove decay and prepare the tooth for its new filling. A desensitizer will be placed during this process to help with any sensitivity. Once the cavity is filled, the surface of the filling will be polished and shaped to fit your bite.

Your tooth may be sensitive to temperature after the restoration is placed, especially if the decay was deep, but this feeling will improve and fade over a short period of time. Our dentist and team will provide you with a set of hygiene instructions to follow to help maintain the longevity of the dental filling.

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