Your teeth are vital to activities such as chewing and speaking. They help maintain the structure of your mouth and contribute to your appearance. Functioning with missing teeth can be a challenge, which is why we offer solutions to help restore your teeth and maintain your oral health.

A dental bridge is a nonremovable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. It is comprised of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth that are connected to an artificial tooth taking the place of one or more missing teeth.

What Does a Fixed Dental Bridge Do?

  • Restores functionality by replacing missing teeth
  • Maintains tooth alignment
  • Fills oral space left by missing teeth to maintain facial appearance
  • Restores the ability to eat and speak properly
  • Improves the aesthetic appearance of your smile
  • Is more comfortable than the option of a removable dental appliance

Keeping the mouth healthy is the primary reason for a dental bridge. Since teeth are meant to support each other, having missing teeth can affect the gums and bone structure of the mouth, which may cause unnecessary dental stress.

What Are Dental Bridges Made Of?

Dental bridges are most commonly made from ceramic, which is tooth-colored to match the natural color of your teeth. They can also be made from gold, metal alloys and porcelain.


What to Expect When Getting a Dental Bridge

When planning for a dental bridge, expect to have two or more appointments with our dentist. We will begin the first appointment by numbing and preparing the adjacent teeth. After removing any decay, we will shape the surface of the teeth to properly fit the dental crowns, which will hold the bridge in place. A mold will then be made of the mouth, which will be sent to our dental lab where a custom dental bridge will be created. A temporary dental bridge will be fitted in place until your second dental visit.

During the second appointment, the dental bridge will be fitted and adjusted so it sits firmly and comfortably in your mouth. If the dental bridge is a great fit, it will then be cemented permanently in place. Our dentist will give you a list of instructions to follow.

Brushing and flossing is important for maintaining the health and stability of a dental bridge. Regular dental visits will aid in the life of your dental bridge.

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