Fluoride is one of the most effective supplements available to aid in preventing tooth decay. As a mineral naturally found in food and water, fluoride’s benefits have been well documented and used by health professionals for over 50 years.

There are two types of fluoride:


Topical fluoride

Topical fluoride is obtained by using products such as toothpaste and mouth rinses. The fluoride penetrates the surface of the enamel, which helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to dental decay. We recommend a professional fluoride treatment for both children and adults every six months during routine dental visits.


Systemic fluoride

Systemic fluoride can be found as a mineral in our food and in our local water supply. This type of fluoride strengthens teeth that have erupted as well as teeth that are still developing beneath the gum line. It is often recommended for infants and young children in a drop form.

Though fluoride can be obtained through over-the-counter toothpastes and in local water supply, it is often not enough to prevent tooth decay. That is why our dentist and team recommend fluoride treatments if you have:

  • Deep grooves or pits on your tooth surface
  • Gum recession that has exposed the root surface
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • A regular habit of eating sugary or acidic foods
  • Insufficient fluoride intake
  • Dry mouth due to medical conditions, medical treatments or medications

Fluoride is only a small component of keeping your smile healthy. Therefore, it is important to remember to practice good home care, avoid sugary or acidic foods, and maintain regular dental visits with our dentist to help keep your teeth strong.

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